Portland Works

Randall Street   Sheffield   S2 4SJ   England


Fundraising is very important to us. Without fundraising we would never have been able to buy the building in the first place; now the hard work really kicks in, as we are working to renovate and manage the building as a social enterprise.

Every bit of new cash goes straight into the building - much of our labour is voluntary. A recent donation of £800 has funded most of the renovation of the old lantern-roofed showroom. Don't let the work stop - donate or become a shareholder!

Please select the appropriate link below to find out more about the ways you can help.

Our Business Plan is now updated -  download the web version BUSINESS PLAN HERE.  


You can become a member of the organisation through buying shares, from as little as £100.  See Shares for details. 


If you want to support us but not become a member, please look at our Donations page.  Even a small amount helps us buy materials and manage the Works.  'LocalGiving'  online donations may be Gift Aided for even more benefit

Community Bonds

Community Bonds are a way for you to lend us money for a fixed term of 3 years at a fixed interest rate. Our two issues so far in 2013 raised over £100,000 from 50 people.  

Right now we are not planning any more Bond issues as we'd prefer to focus on share sales, but if you'd like to know more, get in touch.     info@portlandworks.co.uk

Download HMRC R85 form for payment of gross interest on exisiting bonds


Portland Works Little Sheffield Ltd

A Community Benefit Society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority

Reg no. 31143R


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