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Wednesday, 8th May 2013

Lots of Media coverage!

The Sheffield Star has now published "100 years of Stainless Steel" - launch article.  WE feature in there - a chapter on Portland Works and why it was so important in 1913/14.

Video interview for Sheffield Star newspaper highly recommended! Stuart, Julia and Derek 19 March 2014

The Timewalk project (for facebook users)

See us in Sheffield Telegraph 7 March 2013, (very good article)  also Yorkshire Post (rather innaccurate!) and we caught Radio Sheffield and Look North's eye!

Guardian Northerner blog 8 March 2013   and  Northerner blog 24 Feb 2013!

BBC Breakfast Show 7 January 2013 - this is part of a piece on national news about stainless steel 

26 March ITV Calendar video

26March Look North 

Missed us on Heritage Heroes? - An excerpt is still on iPlayer 

The Look North / Calendar spots in February produced a lot of interest - which helped the share issue to top £200,000 shortly afterwards.

Sheffields very own 'NowThen' magazine had a double page spread in issue 49 

Sheffield Telegraph 'Victory' story 1 April   Yorks Post 27 March,   Sheffield Star 26 March

Sheff Telegraph 2 FebYorkshire Post 3 Feb Sheffield Star 3 Feb and Yorkshire Times 4 Feb and Look North  + Calendar on 6 Feb and Heritage Heroes on BBC2 clip on iPlayer and Sheffield Star

Sheffield Star 24 Oct 2011 Sheffield Telegraph letters - 17 Nov 2011

Yorks Post 21 September 2011

Sheffield Telegraph  4 August 2011 and 17 March 2011

BBC Radio Sheffield Interview with Stuart Mitchell and Derek Morton - click to download the podcast - see their website BBC Radio Sheffield 

Newspaper articles... a selection of the best...

Sheffield Star  21 June 2011

Yorkshire Post  16 June 2011

Previous articles in the Yorkshire Post - full page story  Feb 2010 and  Feb 2009

Sheffield Telegraph 17 March 2011 and an excellent article from early days, 28 Jan 2010

and finally...  BBC WEBSITE UPDATED 26 March 2012

BBC website Portland works in pictures, April 2010