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Thursday, 7th March 2013


Welcome to Portland Works, now the world's only community owned cutlery works! This is the culmination of almost four years hard work by volunteers to secure the future of this fine industrial building with a unique history.  Not to mention securing the futures of the 23 current tenants who represent a huge range of skill, expertise and heritage.  For more see the About us and Gallery pages.  If you want to know more or would like to help us, email  on info@portlandworks.co.uk

There's a really nice appreciation of the Works on Linda Panetta's personal blog, worth a look

Later this year we will launch a second share issue, and a Community Bond offer. We aim to raise £100,000 to begin the restoration. Details will be posted soon - watch this space!

We have achieved our first target - we own the Works. 

We now have well almost 500 shareholders, who raised over £250,000 in cash.  Many have put in £100 but the average is, amazingly, £500.  We are very grateful to all those who've had faith in the project and lent their support in so many ways.

You can become a shareholder.  The Share Offer page tells you how and you can find out more on  About Us and Our Vision for the Works. Or read  our latest Newsletter

Find out more by emailing  info@portlandworks.co.uk.

We are a Community Benefit Society, run entirely by volunteers. If you'd like to help us, get in touch.  Meanwhile Community Shares are becoming mainstream - remember you were in the vanguard! - see the news at the newly formed (government funded) Community Shares Unit 

Thank you and please keep supporting us!

Derek Morton

Chair, Portland Works LS Ltd, a Community Benefit Society registered with the FSA

updated 7 March 2013