Lowtech Ltd

Lowtech Ltd is all about exploring the potentials of emerging technologies, and has a diverse history of high-tech activity, including computer repair, reuse and repurposing, research & design, web hosting, digital art, and establishing a high-tech learning lab.

Currently we’re exploring the potential for digital manufacture, using laser cutters to produce “Infinite Crypt”. Infinite Crypt is modular architecture for fantasy and sci-fi miniatures gaming. We believe that this is a very exciting market, with huge growth potential. We’ve produced more than 6000 items since December 2013, when we took delivery of our first laser cutter.

But the beauty of digital manufacture is that you can reprogram your machine tools to produce just about anything! So in the down-time between Infinite Crypt production runs, we’re open to commissions and projects which make use of our laser cutters. We can use them to produce models, signage, stencils, boxes, prototypes and much more. We specialise in cutting MDF, but we can also cut a wide range of acrylics, plastics and wood products.

Learn more at infinitecrypt.com


email: james@infinitecrypt.com
phone: 07796-263942 (please SMS if possible)

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