Opus Independents

Opus Independents is a democratic arts collective and social enterprise founded in Sheffield in 2005 and incorporated in 2008. Opus provides mechanisms for creative activities which support local communities and effect social change. Opus works exclusively with independent traders, community groups, charities and local government.

Learn more at opusindependents.com


Now Then Magazine

A free, independent magazine that supports independence in art, trade and citizen journalism. Local people are strongly encouraged to contribute and each magazine includes artwork from a different featured artist.

Contact Sam Walby: sam@nowthenmagazine.com or visit the Now Then Website

Word Life

A literature organisation dedicated to showcasing new creative writing and performance in Sheffield and beyond.

Contact Joe Kriss: joe@nowthenmagazine.comWordlife Website

Opus Distribution

A print distribution service for independent traders, charities, statutory organisations and arts institutions operating in Sheffield, North Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Leeds and Manchester.

Contact James Lock: james@opusindependents.com Opus Website

Opus Presents

A live music project hosting regular events, from intimate folk and blues nights to dancing till dawn.

Contact: info@opusindependents.comOpus Presents Website

Portland Works Studio