Opus Independents

Opus believes we can live in a place where everyone works to make things better for each other. ‘Better’ to us means fair, diverse, accessible, independent and heard.

We work with a cross-section of independent, community and voluntary sector organisations whilst directly reaching over 150,000 people a year through live events, broadcasting and publishing in Sheffield and beyond.

Opus projects connect us to each other and to music, arts, culture, ideas, action and conversations that will make change. They broadly sit under four headings: Community Media, Active Citizenship & Participatory Democracy, Independent Trade & Local Economies, and Transformative Arts Experiences.

Opus projects include:

Now Then Magazine

A free magazine published in Sheffield promoting ‘active citizenship’, community participation and a do-it-yourself approach to making things better.

Festival of Debate

An annual events programme exploring the key social and political issues of the day, delivered in collaboration with more than 50 partners across South Yorkshire.

Opus Distribution

Offering unique print distribution opportunities exclusively to local independent traders, community groups, arts organisations, charities and local government.

UBI Lab Network

An international collaborative network exploring the potential of a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Learn more at weareopus.org

Portland Works Studio