Digital Student Reports

Scratching the Surface, Getting Under The Skin

We are delighted to be showcasing this digital magazine produced by the Architecture Department at the University of Sheffield. You may know that we have been in partnership with the Department. Wei Shan Chia, Teaching associate for Year one explains:

“Over 2 years, [2018 -2020] seven groups of students have visited and surveyed spaces in Portland Works, collecting a unique snapshot and record of the habitation of the building.

Thanks to the generosity of the community spaces … of which Portland works is one of several … this project has served as an introduction to life in the city outside of the University for many students.

We are grateful to Portland Works for their generosity in sharing the space with us and look forward to future collaboration”.

For the group of students who came in 2018 it was their first term at University. It was the first time many of the students had met and worked together. We would like to thank all the students and the University of Sheffield who kindly gave their permission to share this inspiring work.

Dreams And Fears Of Gritty Bricks – A short film by Gianmarco Cannizzo

We are excited to be able to show you the work of Gianmarco Cannizzo made here at Portland Works in November 2018. Gianmarco was one of the students in this initial cohort. He seemed captivated by the Works, its history, architecture and its people. The film he produced can be viewed here by his kind permission.

We hope you enjoy sharing the students work and intriguing interpretations and representations they produced.

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