Mini Lecture Series

Here you can choose from a series of newly recorded “mini lectures” which are short talks that you can dip into at any time. They’re all free to watch. All are produced by people connected with Portland Works we hope you enjoy them.

Grateful thanks go to all the contributors.

A brief history of Sheffield industry (Audio)

Including discussions of cutlery, armaments, Portland Works, Harry Brearley and stainless steel.

Presented by Dr Chris Corker BA, MA, PGCert, FHEA, PhD.Lecturer in Management & Director of Undergraduate Programmes, The York Management School, University of York. Chair of the board at Portland Works.

Part 1: Cutlery

Part 2: Steel

Part 3: Armaments

Part 4: Stainless Steel and Harry Brearley

The Family History of Ernest Stuart

Presented by Stella Howe, outreach and education officer at Portland Works.

Virtual Reality in The Performing Arts

Technical Director of Only Lucky Dogs Theatre, Isabel, discusses the current and possible future uses of Virtual Reality and Simulation within the Performing Arts industry. After over a year of limited in-person performance experiences, how can these technologies help the Performing Arts industry adapt and continue to expand in the re-emerging theatre landscape.

Presented by Isabel Potter, technical director of Only Lucky Dogs Theatre Ltd.

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