Stuart Mitchell Knives

Stuart and Portland Works share a long history, first arriving as a small boy in 1980 with his parents and their hopes of growing a knife making business. He completed a traditional knife-makers apprenticeship with his dad and eventually went on to take over the business. Over three decades later he still makes knives at Portland Works.

Although he still uses many of the original tools and works in the very same space – both the making process and quality of the finished product have diversified and improved significantly in order to compete in the modern day world marketplace and satisfy today’s knife savvy clientele. Understanding the need to embrace change and new ways of working has ensured that his family business is still trusted and flourishing to this day.

He works alone and his custom-built knives attract a lot of attention, today his knives are used across the world; in Michelin-star restaurants, by both extreme survival experts and members of the royal family, as a result there is a waiting list for his knives, but believe us, they’re worth the wait!

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