Re-Made Crafts

Sam Clarke is one of the newest tenants at Portland Works. His startup company crafts unique, beautiful pens and pencils from recycled plastic waste. Each product is made by hand using recycled material which would otherwise go to waste. They…
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Hubtastic Bike Makers

Ed and Graeme bring almost twenty years of bike business experience to Portland Works as they set up their own craft workshop. They aim to prototype new bike designs from steel and later on offer their designs as part of…
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Sheffield Hackspace

Sheffield Hackspace (Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers CIC) is a non-profit, member-run hackspace for the city of Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Over the last couple of years we have created communal workshops and a community who share skills and…
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Locksley Distilling

Locksley Distilling Co. Ltd. is an alcoholic beverage development company with a focus on the production and retail of distilled spirits, formed by Sheffield born, John Cherry. He has worked in the wine and spirits industry for the past two…
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